This Meeting & Event Policy is valid for all adidas employees from all office locations visiting the FW20 APAC SIGN-OFF EVENT in Chengdu, China from Thursday, October 10, 2019 until Wednesday, October 16, 2019. The objective of this policy is to provide uniform company standards for this meeting.

All expenses arising for the FW20 APAC SIGN-OFF EVENT that are not in compliance with this document will not be reimbursed by the company and are to be borne by the traveler him/herself.


Participants must register using the FW20 APAC SIGN-OFF EVENT registration Platform.

The registration deadline is August 30, 2019. Only registered attendees in possession of a valid accreditation will be authorized to enter the meeting locations. It is the participant’s responsibility to provide complete data within the registration tool including arrival and departure information.


Travel bookings must be done through the dedicated local travel agency or Online Booking Tool. Air travel must be booked in Economy Class, CLG members are allowed to book Business Class on flights longer than 6 hours.

Any Trips to Chengdu, China combined with a FW20 APAC SIGN-OFF EVENT visit also need to be traveled in Economy Class.


2 hotels have been negotiated for the FW20 APAC SIGN-OFF EVENT. Accommodation MUST strictly be requested through FW20 APAC SIGN-OFF EVENT registration website to assure a smooth event performance and transportation planning throughout the event. Only M2 and level above employees are entitled to book single room. It is mandatory to use these hotels to fulfill the accommodation contracts and to avoid cancellation charges. In case the allocated hotels are fully booked, contact the FW20 APAC SIGN-OFF EVENT Team to get an alternative accommodation.

Any costs related to accommodation are settled by the traveler him/herself at time of departure and must be claimed through the traveler’s expense report.


Cancellations and changes of your accommodation until September 13th, 2019 are free of charge. Hotels will charge 100% of daily room rate for cancellations / amendments after receipt of booking confirmation. The company holds the rights to charge the traveler’s C/C for no-show or late cancellation cost.


Shuttle service is provided for all transfers between the negotiated hotels and airport. For transfer between the airport and hotel public transportation should be used. Shuttle services are prepaid and must be used avoiding double costs for our Company.


Car rental and taxi expenses between hotels and meeting location are non-reimbursable during the FW20 APAC SIGN-OFF EVENT and are to be borne by the traveler him/herself. The traveler has to state clearly the reason for the expense and the line manager has to approve this exceptional expense.


Lunch will be provided during the FW20 APAC SIGN-OFF EVENT. Any other expenses occurred for lunch will not be reimbursed.


All travel expenses need to be claimed at your country of assignment. Only expenses in compliance with this policy will be reimbursed. Local legal and tax regulations have to be taken into account at all times.


Any exceptions to this policy need the approval from country/cluster GM. Additional approval from Managing Director, APAC is required, if the non-compliant expense exceeds the amount of EUR 300 (USD 360).


For any further questions regarding the event please contact the APAC SIGN-OFF EVENT Team by sending in an email to